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WIFI Mesh MAXWIFI system

Just a single wifi connection. Full coverage.

WiFi wireless networks are an indispensable part of our lives and offer us access to the  Internet and its multiple services. However, not always its performance within the home is  optimal, having slowdowns, cuts in the connection, areas of the house that are left without  coverage or prevent us from playing online. 

Mesh networks, also called WiFi Mesh or simply "Mesh network" are one of the best methods to improve the coverage of your home and reach more corners. The MAXWIFI system creates a mesh-type wireless data network (Wifi) that interconnects with each other, with a wide range of coverage, which eliminates the possible points without wireless data signal from your home or office. 

The system is made up of a central station (Controller) that manages the network and connects to the existing network to receive the Internet signal and a satellite system (Agents) that allow expanding the coverage of the signal (Wifi).

The Agents do not connect only with the base station (Controller). The Agents do not connect only with the base station (Controller) so that a client device can always know the MAXWIFI equipment with the best wireless signal, with less saturation and optimize  connections. In addition, you will not have any type of microshort when you go from one  room to another because between all the devices they generate a single network. 

In the MESH network created by all MAXWIFI equipment there will only be a single SSID or wireless network identifier, with this, the user when moving around inside his home and office does not have to change networks. This means that if you are at a point in the  house where the mesh network decides that you connect to the node of the living room, if this node has any problem or connection cut, you will automatically be redirected to the next node with the best connection so that you do not disconnect. Thus, a 100% connected installation with better coverage and high efficiency is obtained as a result.

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