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HDMI Video Extenders (HENL-50, HHEN-120, HHENL-120 and HHENR-120) solve the problem for interconnecting HDMI audio/video devices where there is a great distance from each other, where HDMI cables with these dimensions cannot be found.

These extenders take advantage of the network wiring of data to interconnect with each other to solve this problem. Support HDMI audio/video signals, with resolutions up to 1920x1080/60 Hz.

The extenders are composed of the following elements in its basic functioning:

1. The transmitter which is responsible of turning the signs of audio / video HDMI into data that can be transported in data network cables category 5e/6 or higher.

2. The receiver computer recovers that data from the network wiring and and turns them again into HDMI signals to be able to connect it for example on a TV.

The maximum distance of the network wiring that we can use is 120 m depending on the chosen model.

The models HHEN-120, HHENL-120 also are according to the technology HDBitT (High-Definition Digital bit Transmission Technology). This technology has advantages to allow to take advantage of a local area network with active elements as switch or send the information from a transmitter up to 250 recipients.

If more than one receiver is needed, the HHENR-120 model receiver can be used to extend the installation with our HDBitT extender equipment.

Some extender models include an HDMI loop functionality on the transmitter computer to be able  to use a TV near the source.

Our HDMI extenders support the infrared (IR) signal transmission function of remote controls, perfect functionality to control an audio and video source from the destination.

What are the benefits of having an HDMI extender UTP cable?

1. Taking visual content to other places without losing quality is very easy, much better than trying to buy an HDMI of many meters and forget the effort of searching for a HDMI cable long lowering the time spent and the corresponding economic cost.

2. Minimize the delay between the source and the destination computer that introduces other solutions due to the high speed of data transmission between them.

3. Repeat the infrared signal over a distance.


HDMI Splitters (HS2, HS4 and HS8) are a specialized accessory that distributes an HDMI signal (for example of a STB, DVD, Blu-Ray player, videogame console, etc.) in 2, 4 or 8 HDMI signals on multiple screens simultaneously.

Splitters in your HDMI input will connect a content source, with which the same content is distributed to the different outputs. The image that appears on all screens will be identical and cannot be controlled independently   when connecting to a HDMI compatible device such as HD receivers/antennas.

Since sharing HD content on multiple screens is not an easy task, our HDMI splitters have their own 5v power supply, provided with the same product.

What are the advantages of having a splitter HDMI?

  1. Offering the solution to their needs for transmission of the highest video quality by multiplying the output channels of a HDMI port.
  2. Connecting easily the teams with HDMI output such as DVD player, audio equipment with HDMI (Home Theater) input, BlueRay cameras, video game consoles, satellite TV receivers, etc. to multiple TV's or projectors.
  3. Presenting to its public the best of the entertainment with the best quality, so if your business needs to have HDMI screens that transmit the matches or news to your audience, the HDMI splitter is a great solution.

This product converts CVBS signal to HDMI upscale to 720p or 1080p with great precision, making the image more stable and intense. Ideal for connecting devices with Composite video output to HDMI-input devices.

It is a small and lightweight device that converts composite video to high-quality into HDMI converter.

This HDMI matrix switch has 4 inputs and 2 HDMI outputs, and you can distribute the video and audio signal from any of your inputs to each of your outputs.  It can work as a splitter showing the same source on 2 displays simultaneously.

It has an infrared remote control and is compatible with HDMI 3d and 4Kx2K.

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