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New Digital Programmable Headends Mind


We introduce our new range of programmable headend Mind with Mind 32 and Mind 32 S models that allow you to program up to 32 digital filters in 4 UHF (TDT) inputs.

These new headends represent a great technological evolution compared to their former models, incorporating a much higher processing intelligence.

First of all they have a very high selectivity to filter and digitally equalize DVB-T/T2 channels (with rejection from 35 dB to 1 Mhz and 55 dB's to 2 Mhz), being fully prepared to eliminate interference from LTE bands and offering a great gain and a very high output level.

Mind headends also incorporate an automatic search system with fast, simple and very efficient self-programming by performing a sublime equalization of channels automatically.

Two versions are being launched: The MIND 32 model with 3 exclusive inputs for UHF and an additional configurable input between the DAB, VHF or UHF options in addition to the FM input; and the MIND 32S version where we will also find an AUXILIAR input and the SAT input.

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