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Nebula series: The evolution continues

Fte maximal launches its new headend with integrated programmer and improved features


The Brand new programmable headends Nebula 6 & Nebula 8S are already available as a developed evolution of the successful Genius series.

Our new headend series, provided with high quality and with very quick installation, has a number of advantages that turns it into the most competitive headend in the market.

•  It has all the possible filter combinations for 2 UHF inputs enabling to obtain until 6 UHF filters (Nebula 6) and 8 UHF filters (Nebula 8S).

High gain with optimal output level of 118 dBμV in Nebula 6 and120 dBμV in Nebula 8S.

Frequency setting in each filter and a 20dB gain regulation that allows to equalize the output signal perfectly in the entire band.

• No need of external programmer thanks to the incorporation of an inner keyboardwith 5 buttons and L.C.D. screen.

AGC (Automatic Gain Control) that guarantees a stable output level in distribution.


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