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MODIG AIR 2 new modulator

The most linked modulator

The new MODIG AIR 2 DVB-T HD indoor modulator offers great improvements and competitive advantages: Its excellent image (Full HD 1920x1080p), quality and modulation performance (MER ~35dB) are fitted with several input loop (HDMI) and output (RF) connections that make this modulator much more functional and versatile.

Bluetooth connectivity allows the MODIG AIR 2 be set up remotely with the Fte Modig Air app for smartphones (Android / iOS) easily and quickly.

This allows you to select any free space in the UHF and VHF band where you want to fix DVB-T channel to be displayed because it offers an output frequency in the 174-230 Mhz and 470-862 Mhz bands so this gives greater versatility to the applications by being able to install multiple units of the same network by enabling with the indicated band expansion more output channel situation options.

New MODIG AIR 2, an outstanding equipment, with HDMI and RF loop, external power supply, bluetooth configuration and frequency expansion in the output band.


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