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Compact, powerful and extremely flexible

Fte maximal has developed the Compact Headend Transmodulator ATLAS 64  that is characterized by its great flexibility and power that allows to receive up to 6 satellite signal transponders (DVB-S/S2), through its tuners combinable through 4 different RF inputs.

It is also provided with two CAM slots for scrambled channels (Pay TV) and using the Flex Routing function each output MUX can be combined with free or decoded services coming from 6 tuners. The services of the 4 MUX can be modulated according to the DVB-T or DVB-C standard in their RF output.

The equipment has the following additional functions:

Excellent MER (≥ 43 dB)

• Priority system for the output services to management the overflow error in the outputs mux

• Support LCN and PID filtering.

• Easy and intuitive configuration using the Web interface.

• Allow add new channels in the coaxial RF network.

• It is possible combine several headend Atlas 64 to do a complete headend.


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