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The joker that doubles the performance

The Compact Headend Transmodulator ATLAS is a joker of high performance for your projects. It has multiple possibilities of modulation of input that supports: satellite (DVB-S/S2), terrestrial (DVB-T/T2) or cable (DVB-C) and on the other its simultaneous dual output of channels in RF (DVB-T or DVB-T2) and DVB-IP streamer.

This equipment  has great advantages thanks to its multiple functions that turn him into an excellent work joker:

• It is capable of receiving a signal from a transponder from any DVB source (terrestrial, satellite or cable) and to be used as a transmodulator, for example DVB-S2 ➔ DVB-T or DVB-T2 ➔ DVB-T conversions.

It is provided with IP output, and simultaneously we will be able to connect any receiver IP television (computer, Smart TV with compatible software, receivers, tablets, phones android, etc.)

Wide range of input level, in order to work in a very adverse situations and it allows input signals from 44 dBµV and up 89 dBµV.

Regenerator option, demodulating a DVB-T signal of low quality and make up rit in DVB-T with a MER of 40 dB's in the same output channel or other than the one of the input.

Scrambled services can be decoded when a professional CAM is inserted.

• It is compatible with any other transmodulator on the market, as it works independently as compact alone transmodulator.

• Excellent for small and mediumprojects around the world.

Designed for extensions of existing headends, to make fast installations mixing with others transmodulators or as a simple system toinstall transmodulators in a hotel, residence, etc.

• It allows you to expand your existing networkwith additional channels.

• Several transmodulators ATLAS can be combined to make a complete headend.

• It can also be used in combination with LNBs and SCR Multiswitchs (unicable).

• In case of low level terrestrial signals it allows fedd a mast amplifier connected to its input.

• The programming is simple and very intuitive using a computer through its Web interface.

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