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Fte maximal, was born in 1965 in Muhlacker, a small German town, and from the beginning it is defined as a company dedicated to the manufacturing and development of elements for the reception, amplification and distribution of terrestrial and satellite signals. The family business with less than 40 employees starts a process of expansion and consolidation in several European markets in the 80s, getting into the Spanish market in 1987.

The work carried out over more than 42 years, turned Fte maximal into a multinational benchmark in the sector, both in European markets and international markets. Currently, the group has its own subsidiaries companies in Dubai, Spain, Italy and Portugal and develops commercial activities in more than 50 countries (Australia, Finland, Russia…)

In 2006 Fte Maximal becomes part of Sandmartin International Holdings Limited group, one of the top manufacturers worldwide of receivers and lnb’s